Internet beautiful and ugly.

Sometimes the internet is beautiful. When the power went out on Saturday night, it fried the charging station (tan rectangle attached to the wall) of our stairlift. But we didn’t know that at the time, we just knew that our chair was beeping for no reason. It took a little while for us to figure out what was wrong and within a few minutes of the discovery, we found the right part on amazon (and checked out all the reviews) and had it delivered to the house in 2 days (black box on the floor). And I just had to plug it in and we were back in business. The stairlift is designed to run on battery power and I wasn’t sure how many trips up/down we could made before it ran out, but it lasted the two days and we didn’t have to carry Edda at all. I’m impressed. This is what the internet is for. And also funny animal videos. Everything else can just be deleted.

Speaking of deleting the internet, I’ve been slowly working on not picking up my phone while I’m at home. I’m at home *a lot* and I love my phone *a lot*. But with my Apple Watch, I’m able to get phone calls and text messages on my watch and not much else. So the phone sits on the kitchen table or charging somewhere else in the house. Now it’s not totally perfect. When I’m bored in the house, I do want to get on the phone and instead I do turn to my laptop and “scroll” on that – (usually reddit and looking at the forum about choosing wedding dresses – it’s the nicest, happiest forum there is – it’s very well moderated) (this behaviour is reminiscent of Doris circa 2002). But if I’m really good, I go look for a book and read it (this behavior is reminiscent of Doris circa 1988, yikes.). I like it. Jeremy mentioned that he sees my phone just sitting around doing nothing. Sometimes I’m unable to resist the siren call of the phone and I sit there doing random stuff with it for hours – Pokemon Go, shopping youtube channels, I’m looking at you. For a person who doesn’t like to go shopping, I do enjoy watching other people shop for stuff. So relaxing.

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  1. Most of the time when I’m home during the day, I keep my phone on a different floor of the house. This has helped me to only check it a few times during the day since most of the time I’m at my computer and emails would come to me. That might be something to consider!

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