Backtracking, Siri, cheeseballs.

The leg from Asheville to Memphis met with a little bit of a hiccup. Katherine accidentally left her phone in a Starbucks restroom and they didn’t notice for 115 miles, so there was extra driving to fetch the phone. Luckily, Katherine had let Jeremy track her whereabouts so finding the phone wasn’t a problem once they realized it was gone.

I track Jeremy on my own phone and noticed that they were hours behind schedule. They were supposed to meet Jeremy’s cousin for lunch in Nashville, but it was already 1 pm and they were still hours away from Nashville and I was wondering if they had had car trouble or gotten up late or if someone wasn’t feeling well. Anyways, they were moving on the highway, so I just let it be until they texted me what was going on when they were at a rest stop late in the afternoon. I didn’t get a chance to talk to Jeremy last night as they got in late to their Memphis hotel, but I can see now that they are up and about and ready to drive to Tulsa.

As for me, Sunday was quieter. Isabella was here to mind Edda so I was able to grocery shop by myself. It is tricky with the food here – I want to leave the fridge pretty empty when I leave, but I still need to buy food. And I’m not used to buying food for the house. Jeremy also makes very nice lunches for Edda, so I have to try and duplicate that during the week here as well. I also went over to Tom’s house to try and help him get and send text messages with Siri which we were able to do not too terribly, it’s just a lot of practice now. He does have trouble with low vision and of course, one sided paralysis. And I can see it’s tiring to be in a body like that, so to learn completely new systems can be very difficult. Tom is completely cognitively aware, I think it’ll be interesting to see how well he takes to learning how to use the technology.

I hosted Sunday night dinner for the Martins and ordered Chinese food and bought those ice cream drumsticks. Yummy. It was very entertaining discussion, everyone has had or is going to have travel plans or opera plans or class plans. Everyone is motoring along. I also had a giant tub of cheese balls sitting on the table that Dara had bought for me and I’ve been embarrassingly making steady progress through the tub for days – I’m the only one eating it, but last night, lots of people helped me eat many cheese balls. We didn’t empty it, there are still balls in it for me to enjoy. Ohhh, I need to pack some for Edda’s lunch. Have a nice day!

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