Tulsa and storms.

Jeremy et al made it to Tulsa yesterday, having to had (?) have (?) pull over for a storm for about 30 minutes or so. They saw a hip friend from Jeremy’s work who lives there and who gave them a very nice, fun tour of the city. Jeremy is pretty impressed by Tulsa, apparently there are good times to have there. They look good, right?

Meanwhile, the storm came over to us and they warned us that this was the highest warning of storm – so I hunkered down, charged everything and waited for a tree to fall on my house. Then Mike suggested that we have crabs for dinner – so he came over bearing crabs with Old Bay we did that during the storm. JoJo, after a lifetime of not caring about storms, all of a sudden really was upset and wanted to be held. We tried to humor her, but then it’s really hard to hold a furry dog while trying to eat crab. The storm passed and we did fine.

2 thoughts on “Tulsa and storms.”

  1. We had a big storm here two Fridays ago and LOTS of trees fell down. None of ours did, but the 30-foot blue spruce in our front yard is leaning towards our house (the tree guy has been saying he’s going to come deal with it for DAYS to no avail) and when I read “waited for a tree to fall on my house,” I instinctively looked out the window to make sure I hadn’t made the blue spruce fall with the power of our minds combined. That is all.

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