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Jeremy drove to Tuscon from Katherine’s house and spent the night and in the morning, crated Elka and rode up Mt. Lemmon and then came back to the hotel and got Elka and headed to LA, our meetup destination.

I spent Friday and Saturday packing (just backpacks) and kind of wrapping things up. I probably should have left on Saturday as I spent the day just feeling like I was waiting around. But I finished my knitted hat and cleaned up the fridge and finished the last bit of laundry.

I did like knitting this hat, but I thought I could do better with the color change on the stripes. So on Saturday, I went out to a yarn shop to buy some yarn to knit a very similar hat, but trying to do better on the color changes.

Sunday morning, Mike and Sofie got up early to drop me and Edda off at Dulles.

I do need some help with Edda while traveling alone with her. I haven’t flown with her by myself in a very long time. I was very lucky to sit next to a nice guy who used to fly F-18s (! – holy crap – I sat next to a person who flew F-18s in Iraq. I asked what he thought of both Top Gun movies and we had a fun time talking about it. The first Top Gun came out when he was 11 and he said that was a big reason he wanted to go to the Air Force and fly.) and immediately upon sitting down, he said if I needed any help, to ask and I did ask for him to help carry Edda’s backpack while I walked her down the aisle to deplane. Edda did great on the flight itself. Sleeping part of the time, eating cheetos and cookies part of the time, and refusing to eat her chicken salad sandwich she bought herself. I know people knock airline travel these days, but everyone was very helpful on this flight, it was on time, when I checked in, the desk person moved our seats closer to the front of the plane, the wheelchair check worked well, it could not have gone better.

And here we are in Julia’s backyard. Enjoying the paradise weather that is found in LA.

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  1. Oh, I’m so glad everything went OK on the flight. If you ever need help again, I am happy at my expense to fly up help you out and fly to your final destination and then back to my house.

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