Coworking, gas tank, dung beetle.

Megan broke her foot last week and is stuck at home non-driving, so I invited her to spend the working day in Jeremy’s old spot while he’s traveling. She immediately connected into his extra large monitor. We spent a companionable day working on our own zoom calls and having meals together.

As we were eating dinner, I asked if she wanted ice cream (again) and the answer was (happily) yes (again). So we went to the local hangout and hung out again. (Edda looks worried, but she was not. She enjoyed her ice cream again, eagerly). Then we dropped Megan off at home.

Jeremy and company made it from Oklahoma through Texas and now they are in Albuquerque. They had lunch in Amarillo, which sounds very hot, but was only 82 degrees at 2 pm. They are enjoying the Oppenheimer audiobook and watching the scenery change as they drive through the country. They also inadvertently let the gas tank read empty on a lonely stretch of highway (you know how your car predicts how many miles are left in your gas tank? Well it read zero for about 3-5 miles. It doesn’t go negative. That is nice.). But they did find gas before running completely out. Note: this would have never had happened if I was in the car because I’m a complete freak about this.

Here’s Elka checking out a dung beetle with its ball of dung. I’m imagining Elka is jealous and would like to take it, but isn’t going to because it’s clearly the bug’s poop possession and not Elka’s.

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  1. If our tank is below a quarter of a tank, I fill it. My husband doesn’t start worrying until the gas light indicator goes off. This is a source of real tension in our marriage, as you can imagine!

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