Bend, noodles and free birthday cake.

Wed morning, we left Seth and Emy in Klamath Falls and headed towards Bend. We wanted to make it there by 11 am because Jeremy had a conference call that he needed to attend. We found a nice dog park with some water for Elka and hung out there while Jeremy made his work call. Elka had a blast.

I tried to encourage her to swim, but no dice yet. Lots of interest, but she did not get in. Everyone was very friendly at the dog park and Elka got to run off some energy. When we made long trips with little kids, I remember centering our stops at playgrounds for Vince. This time, we stop at dog parks. Sometimes it’s a dud, we arrive at mid day with full sun and no other doggies to play with an a dusty patch of nothing. Other times, we can play for hours.

We ate downtown and ordered a meal for Elka off their pup menu. And we played Pokemon Go.

We arrived at my parents’ house in Washougal on Wed evening. Thursday, my birthday, we basically ate all day. I got in a run in the morning and we toured my mother’s amazing garden.

I ate a lot of figs from her fig tree. Edda enjoyed these figs as well. Jeremy is not a fig fan.

My mother also tends to bury chicken bones in her garden – she thinks it’s good for her plants and Elka enjoyed spending the morning finding them. She tends to hold them in her mouth and trot around the garden, so we were, for the most part, able to take them from her before she chomped down on them.

We went out to lunch to have noodles for long life.

Me and my sweetie.

My long life noodles.

And then like 4 hours later, we went out to Salty’s for dinner where it was very nice and I got a free cake for my birthday which was delicious and nothing tastes better than free. Then we capped off my birthday by driving to Costco where we saved a dollar a gallon on gas and looked at the diamond jewelry and contemplated buying a smart TV for my parents.

We left early Friday morning to head to Boise Idaho. A nice birthday with my parents.

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