Quaker, hiking, Shasta.

Sunday, I tried to go the to Quaker service down the street, and I did go in and sit in a pew, but I’ve been having weird coughing spells that can last for a few minutes, but can be quite loud and violent and then nothing for the rest of the day (except at night, when I do cough a bit as well). So, of course, once I sat down, I could feel the coughing coming on and there were only like 15 people in the service and the service is silent – so I walked out after only a few minutes and I tried to calm it down and I did get it to calm down, but then I went back into the lobby of the sanctuary and I started coughing again because the more I think about it, the more I can’t stop the coughing. Oh well. I hope God forgives me.

On Monday, Emy was kind enough to mind Edda for the afternoon and Jeremy and I went on a hike together! We are each often outside, but we are very rarely on an outdoor adventure with each other. Elka got to come on this adventure and she happily spent the 2 hour hike chasing little lizards that dotted the trail.

Jeremy and Emy went to Mt. Shasta today (Tuesday) and Jeremy biked while Emy hiked. The weather was gorgeous. I had a lot of meetings this morning (4 of them starting at 7 am) and then set all of the out of the office messages on my email and voicemail and closed my computer and declared no more working until we are back home in about 10 days.

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