Mountain biking birthday and cake.

Bob and Katherine flew home to the east coast on Thursday – the airport is about 1.5 hours away and they had a very early flight, so Jeremy and Emy drove them to Medford the day before and they had a nice afternoon together and Bob and Katherine stayed at a hotel overnight. We are here for about another week.

Thursday, Jeremy turned 55 and he spent the morning working while I got a nice long-ish run in and then in the afternoon, he and Emy went mountain biking. Jeremy rented a mountain bike for a day and experimented with this other type of biking.

Go Emy!

We’ve mostly been having dinners at home, either at Emy’s place or our airbnb. We celebrated with a lemon cake that night.

Friday morning, Jeremy and Seth (who works 4-10 hour days and generally has Fridays off) went mountain biking again – it was a success, no injuries.

Emy was kind enough to mind Edda and Elka during the morning so I could scout downtown Klamath Falls and look at the bookstore, plant shop and consignment stores.

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