Around crater lake.

Saturday, Seth and Jeremy went back to Crater Lake and biked the entire loop around the lake, about 40 miles. Emy, Edda and I hung out in the morning, heading out the the Klamath Falls farmers market and eating lunch together. Jeremy had suggested that we find something for dinner at the farmers market and I was prepared to pay $15-18 dollars for a chicken, but there was only one meat vendor and they charged a whopping $35 dollars for a chicken. We passed on that…yikes.

The boys got back while we were pulling out of the driveway to see Barbie – so I handed Edda over to Jeremy and Emy and I went to a completely empty theater to watch Barbie. I enjoyed it more than Emy, it was very clever and was entertaining. Then we had a delicious dinner together at Emy’s house with much cheaper chicken – though probably less well treated during its life.

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