Decluttering and healing nature.

I’m madly decluttering the house. I found the Buy Nothing group on Facebook and I’m posting 4-5 things on there daily and people come and pick up my old stuff off of my porch and take it to their house. I found the long hidden Halloween decor bin deep in the closet and I posted the stuff today to give away. There are some people on the list that pick up waaaayyy too many things. They have that siren call of free things, which I completely understand. I like my things and often I like things free. But I try to give to a new person each time. Look at this cute ceramic halloween house I’m giving away.

I’ve been melancholy this week – I think mostly because the days are getting shorter and my mood goes along with it. And there are lots of worldly sad things going on, but there are also many personal sadnesses that have piled up this week. We are all fine, but not everyone I know is fine. So hugs to them all. I was especially down Friday afternoon and tucked into bed trying to coax the blue thoughts from my head and kind of dreading the weekend which was going to be very quiet.

But then I remembered that I should head to the woods during these times of sadness. So I went on a long walk on Saturday afternoon with Elka in the woods which always reminds me about how the world is such a big, beautiful place and that there are still many things to explore and see. With love to you all.

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