New phone and regular week.

Jeremy got a new phone this week. There was some talk about him abandoning Android for Apple, but in the end, he did not. He ended up purchasing the new Google phone. I do use all Apple products and I enjoy them, but I can be mad at them because they do some things that I don’t appreciate – one of which is that it’s hard to send texts to Jeremy on his Android phone for some reason and the reason is that Apple sucks sometimes.

Anyways, it has a nice new camera which takes these amazing night photos. It, apparently, can also combine a series of group photos into one so that everyone ends up smiling. It’ll meet it’s challenge with Edda who does smile a lot, but not often for the camera on command.

It’s been a nice “normal” week at home – whatever that means. It means that the schedule ran as normal. Actually, not quite normal. Jeremy was in DC on Monday and Wednesday – so I made dinner on both those nights which is unusual for me. Jeremy feeds me so well – as soon as he’s out of the house, I devolve into frozen pizza and dumplings. Oh well. What can I do. Other than that, I feel like we are both run down a bit, dragging. It could be just the change in the seasons and in the light.

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