Lighter mood.

Wow, I woke up in a great mood this morning. I’ve been moping for a long time, but maybe it’s just the light? Maybe I need the morning light? I feel miraculously brighter and lighter today. I used to think my mood is not so tied with the seasons/weather, but I think this is not the case. I think I’m tied to the earth, as it should be.

Elka had a wonderful time at the dog park on Saturday morning. There is a good crew early in the am on Saturday (Sasha, I’m looking at you..) and Elka gets very, very dirty. Girl wants to go to the park everyday, but it’s not happening.

Jeremy went bike riding on Saturday. I made a pie on Saturday, took Edda to get her covid booster. Long run for me on Sunday at the canal – a beautiful day. I ran 9 miles, I’m somewhat bummed that I’m so much slower than I have been in the recent past, but mostly I’m grateful that I can move my body in this particular way on a beautiful fall morning. Peers left and right are abandoning running for various reasons and I know I’m very, very lucky. And Jeremy put our new vanity plates on our new-to-us car. Our old nickname given to us by our friend Dave circa 1995.

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