Minneapolis, continuing decluttering, light bulbs.

Jeremy has been in Minneapolis this week (Tue-Thurs). He did meet up with our friend Dave for dinner. His travel for work is certainly picking up, he’s trying to keep them short, but I think he might have 2 or 3 more trips before the end of the year. He did a huge food prep on Sunday before he left, so I didn’t have to cook all week, I just reheated things like – apple sauced chicken, beef and barley soup and I didn’t even get to the pulled pork sandwiches. He’s not done this before for me, so usually, I go through the week with scrambled eggs and cheese on toast – so I felt very well taken care of. And he also had time to prep all of Edda’s lunches and because I wasn’t “cooking” dinner, I felt like I had time to do the other things he does daily like cutting fruit for Edda’s lunch and so I didn’t have to alert school and/or aftercare that they needed to order breakfast and snack for her because I just couldn’t manage.

Just this week, I’m feeling like I’m on “top” of things. I’ve felt so behind on things, it’s been hard to feel like I’m making any forward progress. I feel like I have a handle on our money stuff, the paperwork stuff (the bump on my head/trip to the ER cost me just over $700 out of pocket…yikes.), kid stuff. I’m trying to enjoy that feeling, but the flip side of that is that I perform best when I am just ever so slightly behind schedule. Hundreds of items have left the house in my efforts to declutter, so I’m feeling good about that. As I’ve gotten rid of the “easy” stuff, it gets easier to get rid of the “harder” stuff. I haven’t yet gotten to the “hardest” stuff and I’m not sure I’ll ever need to.

We’ve been slowly changing our house to smart light bulbs which, honestly, I never thought I would do, but they are convenient in certain ways. I have them turn on/off automatically (my office), I have them start dim in the morning and get progressively brighter (my bedroom), I turn them on/off by voice (Edda’s room). But now we’ve reached some tipping point. One of Edda’s room lamps is always slightly pink and another one turns off in the mid-day for no reason. The two bedroom lights that flank our bed, should be in sync, but I often find one on and the other off in the middle of the day, but in not the same way. So now, the light bulbs are too smart for us and have decided to drive us slightly bonkers. lol.

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