Weekend update.

Last week – Monday! – so far behind, I went to Tysons to have lunch with some of my coworkers. We don’t often meet in person – most of these people I’ve only met online. I had a very nice time, you lose a lot for not being in person. Not that I’d want to go back into the office, but I do miss having coworkers in the regular way one use to have coworkers.

Megan is hitting it out of the park with Edda photos. Here they are on a school trip last Thursday. Edda spends a lot of time out in the community for school and they are finding good places to roam around. Unfortunately, Edda had three seizures at aftercare last week which was very unusual for her. I hope this isn’t the start of a spate of seizures for her. She did bite her tongue during one of them and spent the weekend very happy in general, but also being unable to eat. We tried a lot of ice cream.

On Saturday, I had my guitar lesson and my guitar teacher got a new guitar for himself and here he is demo-ing it to us. He talks about guitars like Jeremy talks about bikes. There is always another guitar/bike to get for different reasons. We spent the afternoon with Tom B at Buffalo Wild Wings and had wings and tots.

Sunday, I went for a long run and then puttered around the afternoon (they dryer is broken again) and went to Sunday night dinner where Edda took a nap on Eric’s shoulder.

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