Nice weekend.

We had a nice dinner with Xiao Ying and her family on Saturday night. Peking duck and such things. The kids are getting so big! It’s what happens when a pandemic gets in the way of seeing each other.

It was the first time we talked to Elka over the google home camera. She looked around for our disembodied faces. And then we told her to get off the couch and she got up and off the couch and disappeared into an un-camera-ed part of the house.

I twisted my ankle on Thursday night by tripping over a yoga block, so no running for me for a few days (which continues into today). So instead, I’m playing more guitar and I spent a long time drilling rocks. I need to drill holes in the side of my house (which is stone) to mount a camera front door bell. It didn’t work that well. I wore down a bit and three rechargeable batteries for the drill and only got about 1/3 of the depth that I needed. I ordered another bit. I also polished silver and got on my hands and knees and cleaned some bathroom grout. I obviously am not busy enough.

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