Denver, sick, decluttering.

Busy, busy – though not really with holiday stuff (we are doing a very, very low key holiday – hardly any gifts and maybe no parties) and less busy than I thought we’d be. Jeremy was in Denver this week, back last night. We hosted our friend Lael on Tuesday night and were supposed to host her two nights but she got sick and wanted to retreat back to a hotel room (even though I wanted her to stay). We were supposed to go to Philly this weekend to see Jeremy’s parents and do a big Kiki birthday celebration, but Kiki is sick too and we cancelled. (So if you are keeping track, we had to cancel both our mothers’ birthday celebrations in the last couple of weeks due to sickness…whomp whomp…)

I’ve been going once a week to help my mom declutter her house. It’s interesting to declutter with her there are a lot of things I remember her wearing as a child that are coming out of storage bins. My mother has a weakness for clothing which is on sale and “is a good deal”, many of them new and she wants to keep. Which is fine, we are making progress and she’s doing great. We also find some hidden money, my mother likes to tuck money here ad there and then forgets about it. So we found two crisp 100 dollar bills in a purse that hasn’t been opened in 20 years. Fun!

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