Weird weather, Downtown, 80s.

Jeremy’s been downtown a few times this week for meetings. I love having him out of the house because it feels like before times. I do think my efficiency goes up in an empty house. I don’t fault Jeremy at all, he hardly bothers me during the day, but I’m always aware of him in the house, moving around.

Look at these beautiful buildings!

The weather has been crazy here, as it has been all over the country. A week ago, it was so so cold. Yesterday, it hit 80 degrees in DC. I was driving around and had to text Jeremy that “I can’t believe I’m texting you this in January, but I think the AC in the van is broken” which it is and was driving me crazy.

Because of the weird snow/heat wave thing, on Thursday, we had this impenetrable fog all around town.

Friday was the hot day and Jeremy shot this beautiful Capitol shot.

I took Elka to the dog country club where she was very, very happy.

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