Putting pictures up.

After I decluttered the house, I decided that I needed to put up on the walls everything we’ve collected over the years. First, it’s just to get everything out of storage and onto the walls to see it, I don’t really want anything in “storage”. Second, I watched like 10,000 decorate-with-me videos over Christmas and I was like if these people (mainly women) can put up and take down stuff all over their house seasonally like at Target which is an incredible amount of work, I could at least drive some nails into walls and having things up for the next 15 years. Second, visiting particularly two people this past year: Paul, who remodeled his house between our visits (last time, it was like visiting a dorm room) and like had artwork all over his house *just so* and Keyla, whose kid requires 24 hour care, had like changed out light fixtures and painted rooms and decorated with murals (and I have to also say Sheila, whose house has always been lovingly curated and I’m eagerly waiting to visit their next new house they are working on), so I’m slowly doing stuff.

Like hanging groups of Ikea posters centered above a bed. Normally, I wouldn’t have cared for these Ikea posters I bought on a whim, but my friend Julia likes the artist Sam Toft and told me that the dog in these pictures is named Doris and now I’m charmed. It’s funny how things can grow on you over time.

Also, I struggled with buying frames for all our posters. All these are cheap posters and I can’t really buy the frames used because they are all different sizes and so really need to be specially ordered. This butterfly poster hung above our fireplace for at least 10 years covering the holes for mounting the TV, but it was crookedly hung in a too-large frame with no matting. And I kind of hated it all the time for the last decade, but I decided to buy the frame and now it delights me to no end. Maybe I do like pretty things. (Bad photo, I know).

All the family photos go on the wall against the staircase. So many of when the kids were little and not many from recently. We’ll try to change that.

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