Jeremy spent most of the weekend working. So much so that yesterday he forgot to eat lunch. He has so many meetings during the week that the only time he can formulate and work on complicated things – aka deep work is on the weekends.

He comes to me at 4:00 pm and says – I’m so excited! This is a good paper! Let me talk to you about it. And then he tells me about his exciting thing and it’s really too complicated for me to follow (intricate agriculture world-wide supply involving multiple governments, import/export laws/customs, livestock (mooooo…) and palm/soy oil supply their environmental impacts in the various places they are grown). When I tease him, I tell him that he’s an expert on cow poop. But, really, I think he’s saving the world one tiny, complicated policy at a time which, honestly, still makes me swoon. The world is a complicated place and, though I may be clever in some ways, I’m a simple person with simple ideas. Jeremy loves complexity and loves working with balancing competing interests and thank goodness there is someone like him out there thinking of very complicated, very boring things that have huge impacts on what we eat, what we use, how we live and what we are going to give our children. <3

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