2 hour delay, snow, dishwasher.

The nor’easter was suppose to blow into the east coast yesterday, but mostly it was going to be centered around NY and north, so I didn’t pay any attention to the weather at all here. It was gently raining in the morning yesterday, but I got Edda up and out of bed and ready for the bus and at 7:05, I was like – huh, the bus is late, I wonder what is going on and then I checked my texts and found an unread one that said – 2 hour delay! Ugh. So then I unpacked Edda from her wheelchair and her coat and fed her breakfast and and trundled with her upstairs to my office to work some of the morning.

By the time the bus was suppose to come at 9 am (instead of 7 am), it was snowing the hardest it would during any part of the entire day. Anyways, it stopped well before noon and the rest of the day was quiet weather-wise. I don’t know what it was, but I was in a terrible mood yesterday. Who knows why really anymore? Maybe the off schedule, maybe because it was rainy, maybe because the world is not exactly to my liking. I’m no longer sure.

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone, love is all around and I hope you are with the people you love and who love you too. Jeremy is going to make a nice dinner tonight and we’ll be with my parents – double date. Last night, Jeremy went on a quick run to the grocery store to buy the last ingredients for the meal I requested (salmon) and so I cleaned up after dinner which is not how the usual division of labor goes. I have, sometimes in the past (though not very often truthfully), cleaned up the kitchen and Jeremy gets all discombobulated because he doesn’t know what he’s supposed to be doing otherwise in the early evening and he uses the dishwashing time to watch his beloved construction and biking youtube videos and he is also particular about the loading of the dishwasher. In other words, he likes doing the dishes and I often mess up the dishwasher loading and we’ve spent many a nights thoroughly discussing the different strategies of dishwasher loading (my strategy being willy-nilly and his strategy is well thought out and involves dish nesting/size, water accessibility and effectiveness and unloading ease). Anyways, last night, he had to go out and so I cleaned up and loaded the dishwasher and started the cycle and this morning, the morning of Valentine’s Day, he was unloading the dishwasher and said happily – thank you for loading the dishwasher the way I like it loaded. And then I laughed and said – well, Happy Valentine’s Day to you! And thank you for overlooking any mistakes I might have made trying to load the dishwasher the way you like it loaded. And thus concludes the Valentine’s episode of 2024.

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