Salmon dinner and plane tickets.

Jeremy made a lovely Valentine’s day dinner for us and my parents. Mom and dad brought champagne and we had cake. This is my favorite dinner that Jeremy makes, I could eat it all day every day. And he bought me my favorite berry cake for dessert.

The night ended with Jeremy helping my parents purchase their flights to China in a month or so (this is my true Valentine’s gift from Jeremy, such a good son-in-law). They tried to do it themselves and they got a price of $9000 for the pair of them (!), but with Jeremy’s help, it fell to a more reasonable, but still shocking price of $4500. It takes a PhD now to book airline tickets it’s so confusing. Cabin, cabin premium, cabin premium extra – who knows what you get with the extra extra things? 2 inches more of legroom for $30, $50, $100? Or maybe you forgo any luggage, checked or overhead. Gah.

3 thoughts on “Salmon dinner and plane tickets.”

  1. You are so right that it requires a PhD to book a plane ticket these days. Everything about air travel is disheartening.

    That dinner looks delicious! I love all of the things on your plate. Yum!

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