New skillz.

A few days ago, we discovered that Edda can swallow her seizure pills whole. Why this didn’t occur to us years ago is beyond me. We had purchased a hospital grade pill crusher (which weighs as much as a brick) and millions of little plastic pill crush containers and crushed her keppra and trileptal every morning and every evening. We had mixed the powdered medication in a delicious yogurt (Edda’s yogurt, specially purchased for her – no one else in the family was allowed such decadent yogurt which tasted exactly like melted ice cream) and she seemed to eat it happily. But about a week ago, I inadvertently (because I often eat meals at the same time as she does), licked the seizure med spoon and tasted the bitterness of the residual medication and immediately made the toddler-yucky face and looked at Edda as if she was the saint that she is tolerating with grace all the indignities of her disability. And then Jeremy was like – maybe she’ll swallow the pills whole. The next night, Ginny took her meds and stuffed them into grapes like pigs in a blanket at a super bowl party and down the hatch they went. We all looked on with surprise. The next morning Jeremy plopped one whole on top of a spoonful of the irresistible yogurt and, again, they went easily down. Huh.

Sometime for years, we do things the “old way” and then don’t try out the “new way”. We like doing things the “old way”, but things are always changing, including things I didn’t think would ever change.

Look at this long haired corgi at the dog park. Swoon. Like a little low slung puff ball. Super cute.

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  1. Oh, wow! It is CRAZY how we get into ruts. And poor Edda just taking that bitter medicine every day for so long! I’m glad you figured it out!

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