It’s been a seizure-y week here in the Martin-Lee household. Let’s see, today is Thursday… Monday, Edda had a seizure at aftercare, but seemed to recover OK and Ginny brought her home and we went through the evening hopeful it was a one off. Then, during the night, she had another seizure at about 4 am. Still, she seemed fine in the morning and we sent her off to school. So this is Tuesday morning. She had a seizure at dismissal time and her teachers/nurse were reluctant to send her to aftercare on the bus, so we went to pick her up and bring her home. No seizures the rest of the day/night. Wed morning we sent her to school and not even at 8 am, the teacher texted that she was having yet another seizure. So we picked her up and she was home by 8:30 am and spent the day with us, mostly happy. Yesterday, we spent some time rehydrating her and also she had a big poop which we were very happy about – sometimes the seizures are associated with constipation, so maybe we’ll be monitor that more. Fingers crossed today is a good day. Seizures are the worst. They tend to cluster together and come and go and sometimes they come for months and sometimes they come for a few days. Because of this, I really don’t know if the med do anything for her? I’m a skeptic hahaha.

Jeremy remains busy, busy – here he is taking a video call at dinner. But he still feeds all of us.

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