Davis, math, cake.

Jeremy is in Davis (well, he was in Davis, now he’s driving towards Oregon) and got to take Vince and pals out to dinner – Mexican? I guess with the chips and salsa on the table. These are soon to be professional engineers! They will be responsible for water safety, genetic engineering, manufacturing compliance, etc. No biggies. Hahaha. Please take care of all of use as we age and start yelling – get off my lawn! Jeremy is taking Vince and Dani on a short spring break trip to see Seth and Emy and then winding around some beautiful coastline and will be back soon. Soon-ish.

My parents took Edda and friends out for her birthday dinner at the new lively Shake Shake near their house. It was fun, they have a new Korean burger which Briana did partake of. My mom marveled at the touch screen ordering system. My dad spent a bit of time math tutoring which (paired equations), honestly, was super cute and adorable. My mom told him he was teaching it wrong and to do it the other way and then my dad was like – you teach her then! and then my mom closed her mouth. But then later he backtracked and retaught it my mom’s way. Classic. Brings back childhood memories.

Then we went to my parents house for cake which Edda was super keen about. Look at that excitement.

This is the same cake that I had last week with Gene. Edda was like – get that in my tummy.

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