Edda’s birthday week is starting already. Her 20th (!) birthday is on Sunday and school had their celebration yesterday.

School makes me very happy :). And Edda too.

Cupcakes and cheese balls. A week of crazy food.

So, Jeremy’s on this long business trip and spring break trip with Vince and Dani, so he’ll be gone almost two weeks. Jeremy tries to not travel so much, but this time, the timing of spring break and his meetings kind of necessitated this lengthy bit away from the house. Usually, in the past, I’ve tried to “keep up” with everything while he’s gone, but not this time. I’m taking half days off of work, I’m letting school buy her lunches instead of me packing them and I’m calling friends and hanging out outside and playing guitar and going for runs. I’m letting the dishes pile and the kitchen get messy, but I do find enough time to make the house neat every 36 hours or so. Also, in the past, I’ve devolved into eating frozen pizza and ready-made meals for dinner, and this time, I’m learning to make super simple, healthy dinners for me and Edda. Mostly one sheet wonders (baked chicken with green beans) or a simple baked salmon with roasted acorn squash – with only salt, pepper and olive oil for seasoning. That’s it. No extra spices or marinating or anything. Just unpack it from the package throw it on an baking sheet, salt, pepper and olive oil and into the oven until it’s done. Jeremy sets a high bar for home cooked weeknight meals, but I’m learning to lower the bar but also eat like I want to eat.

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