Gorgeous spring weekend.

Gorgeous day yesterday here in the DMV. Eliana was back from vacation, so she and Edda went out for some St. Patrick’s Day fun, and I headed towards nature with Elka. A 2.5 hour hike and I was on a Pokemon mission – one of my tasks is to catch 200 pokemon in a day (I usually catch about 10 a day), so I spent the working on this made-up goal and finished it about 3/4 through the hike.

I also had time to go thrifting which is just my favorite, really. I got a couple of mugs (to turn into planters) and baskets (for organizing). And a deck of cards – I’m thinking of practicing some magic?

Jeremy’s in berkeley with his high school friends. He accidentally left all his shirts in the Sacramento hotel (whoops). So he needs to buy some shirts today.

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