UC Irvine.

Vince is going to go to UC Irvine for grad school. He found out late Thursday afternoon and are all very excited for him and can’t wait to see what this new chapter brings. He’s so incredibly happy and eager to go start in the fall. It was a tough admissions season for him as this was his only congratulatory letter (after it was initially and, we think, erroneously a you are on the waitlist letter), but he needed only one and we are all thrilled. As someone said – it makes it easy to decide. He’s really blossomed into his scientific self starting the tail end of sophomore year, it’s a joy to see. He likes research and labs and classes and teaching and it’s all good.

We like to compare rent and stipends as he’ll be the third generation to go to grad school in engineering on the Lee side.

My mom got a $200 monthly stipend and her rent was $50 a month which included phone, maid service and fresh linens. My fathers was $400 a month with $90 rent. Mine was a monthly stipend of $1900 with a monthly rent of $420 which might have included phone (land line – I did not have a cell phone in grad school. No one did.) and bathroom cleaning, but no linens. Vince’s will be $2800 a month stipend and he expects to pay about $800 a month in rent.

He’s going to be off on his own soon! I’m not going to buy him any more pants or shoes or cell phones. It feels weird to just send him off like that, but it is as it should be.

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  1. Oh my goodness! That Cute little dark eyed shiny black haired roundheaded little boy is off to grad school. I never knew when I held him in my arms where his path would go. He is whip smart but even better, a fine human being. he really does make the world a much better place. Good job you guys you raised a wonderful son!

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