Pokemon Go.

So…last night I went to a raid night meetup for Pokemon Go with my friend Noah. Really, Noah is first Vince’s friend, but now I claim his as my friend as he invites me to go with him on Pokemon Go adventures. Raid night happens every Wednesday night between 6-7 pm local time and communities around the world arrange for little meetups to walk around together to fight the raid bosses in gyms, because, as we all know, you all need friends in life to help you with hard things.

It was a beautiful night, Elka came along and I met lots of very nice people, including a city council member who was along for the walk! Kids, young adults, older folks and even an enormous English mastiff named Riley. I have an alias that I go by in the game – everyone does – so it’s funny to introduce myself to these people as my avatar name – DriveMinivans. lol. I also got invited to go with them to NYC in the summer for the big Pokemon meetup. I think it’ll decline that, but it’s very nice to be invited to go.

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