Weekend update.

Jeremy accidentally broke our most expensive computer monitor while trying to move it from his desk to my desk for me to try out. He was easing it out of its place (or trying to unplug it) and it slipped and hit something and you can see an enormous spider web crack in the electronic screen (the actual screen you see is not broken). Poor thing (meaning Jeremy, not the screen). We were trying to think if this was the most expensive thing we’ve accidentally broken. I think maybe some car fender benders were more expensive, but this one is not cheap.

Edda is running a slight fever this weekend and is quite snotty. She’s home from school today. And Jeremy is downtown doing business things so it’s just us girls home today.

I have no idea why, but I feel very, very bloated this weekend – my pants don’t fit, I feel lumbering, it’s not great and I don’t know why. Honestly, all my slight weight fluctuations happen right at my waist right where all the high waisted jeans which are supposed to be so fashionable hit. So it doesn’t matter that the pants are too big everywhere else, they are too small at the waist. But only sometimes! Argh. I swear off pants now. I got no pants!

I went to the woods for a long run on Sunday trying to tuck it into the morning before it got to be 85 degrees.

I got rewarded with seeing a little turtle friend. I did move him off the trail, there are trail bikers who might accidentally hit him.

Friday night, we did hang out for dinner at Potbelly’s with our Main Street Friend and then excused ourselves from watching Kung Fu Panda 4 and took Elka to the dog park on Friday night. And then we went to Baked Bear to meet Ginny’s son Carlos who works there and knows Edda and Elka already, but we have never met him. Elka got some whipped cream. (This might be why my pants don’t fit at the waistline).

Soo…Vince is not protesting at his school. UC Davis remains out of the news regarding that. He spent the weekend at Berkeley competing in ChemE car. So proud of Vince who is the president of this club and resurrected this from non existence post pandemic. They came in about 4 or 5th out of 16 teams including beating out Caltech.

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