Vet and teeth.

Elka loves the vet. She is a weird doggie. She does bump into the vet at the doggie country club (where the vet goes with her doggies) and she climbs onto her lap and says – I love you! Thank you for spaying me and taking good care of me and I love the string cheese that I get. You are the best vet ever, let me lick your face all over. All I know is that I often walk in with a healthy dog, and I walk out having paid a bill of $500. So that’s what I thought I’d do this time. But it was only $200 for a well visit. I love that doggies don’t have HIPPA because I love looking at all the names! Baguette! Orange Boy! Yoda! Fun.

I got so well complimented for Elka’s teeth (she lets me brush her teeth everyday) that I almost blushed. I enjoy brushing Elka’s teeth, but I don’t enjoy brushing Edda’s teeth (she has bitten me strongly and it’s often a weird oral gymnastics, wrestling, sword fight-type thing) and I don’t like brushing my own teeth because I’m lazy. So Elka gets her teeth brushed only after Edda first, mine, second. Because I know the order. Elka can not have the best teeth in the house, absolutely not.

2 thoughts on “Vet and teeth.”

  1. We are TWINS. Hannah went to the vet today and was complimented on her teeth, which also get brushed every day. She most certainly does have the best teeth in the house. (Also, our bill for taking a healthy dog in and out of the vet was more than $300, so you win that contest!)

  2. Wait till YOU get to be my age and the bill fromthe dentist makes $300 look like pennies😉😭

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