Weekend volunteering.

I spent a lot of time last week attending various meetings with Main Street, the apartment complex with disabled adults about a mile from our house. On Wed, Jeremy and I spent 2 hours at a morning coffee parent meetup. There were about 30 people there, mostly moms, but a couple of dads and I got to meet the founder of Main Street who I’m kind of determined to get help from. These are parents of 25-40 year olds, many who live in the apartment. These are very determined parents and slightly intimidating to me (in my own head), but I think I can hang. The kids (or young adults) are much more capable than Edda, mostly verbal, can manage public transit, have jobs and take care of pets, so again, it’s not the right fit for Edda, but I’m hoping they can help me figure out something right for Edda. On Friday night, we went to dinner with them (with Edda) again and then on Saturday, I volunteered at a painting workshop which was fun and had about 25 participants. Mostly, what I got from it was that these are rich disabled people. For volunteering, I was told that I needed to wear clothing that could get paint on them, so I wore my actual painting clothes which already have paint on them (like the time I sat on a paint can lid and my entire butt is covered with a circle of paint) and tears galore and hand sewn patches and everyone else wore…just clothes. Like nice clothes. Which were clean and expensive. Hahahah. But everyone was super welcoming and very nice.

Sunday, we went to Sunday night dinner to celebrate Colleen’s birthday and Eric made a very delicious ice box cake. Am I caught up? Maybe.

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