And the weekend starts.

It’s going to rain all weekend. On Friday, Edda, Jeremy and I went to Friday Night vibes where it was movie night and the voting was Spiderman and the Spiderverse, the live action The Little Mermaid and a Will Ferrell movie called Kicking and Screaming. We voted for the Will Ferrell movie which is the only one we haven’t seen and we had pizza and candy and stayed for about 30 minutes (enough to enjoy Mike Ditka) and then headed out back home.

And then as I was getting Edda ready for bed, she felt very warm – so we took her temp and it was 99-100. What the (*A#^@? Honestly, it’s her third fever in as many weeks. No other symptoms, we cancelled childcare for today and gave her a Motrin and put her to bed. Jeremy – is also not feeling 100% still – his watch tells him so and he doesn’t feel up to his normal workout routine, soooo….I’m like it’s longish covid (even though no one has tested positive for covid). It’ a long linger. Edda woke up this morning perfectly fine with no fever! I don’t know. Who knows.

A few Friday nights ago, we went to an art reception for the artist who is now the artist in residence at Main Street, and a friend saw this on Instagram and mentioned it to me. I hadn’t even seen this photo, but I remember taking it! We are looking good.

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