Gotcha day.

Yesterday was Elka’s gotcha day (2 years!) and we celebrated BIG. She got two new stuffies, salami, meatloaf, pigs ear, a trip to the dog park, fried chicken and an ice cream pup pop (pumpkin flavor). A very exciting day for all of us! Haha.

Shark stuffy:

Dog park visit:

We did an outdoor dining dinner near the dog park which was luxurious. We don’t eat out much and a spontaneous dinner out on a lovely night with french fries is an unexpected treat. She got one of Edda’s fried chicken strips and there were so many fries, we had to finally put it on the other side of the table and pile dirty dishes on top of the pile to stop us from eating the entire thing.

Ice cream *note Elka’s licking tongue finishing off her doggie ice cream. A lovely weekend day.

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