Memorial day weekend.

It was a bit of a rough weekend for us, we are a little unlucky with summer long weekends. Edda had a cluster of seizures on Saturday (seven), a bunch on Sunday (four) and two on Monday. This is very unusual for her, she has never had more than 2 a day, and never for so many days in a row. So we are keeping her at home today – she’s still running her low grade fever which she hasn’t been able to kick – and we’ll see a professional and see what they say. She was also clearly constipated which often adds to her seizure woes. Otherwise, she seems mostly OK, enjoying her TV and sometimes even laughing a lot.

Anyways, we really had no plans for the weekend, so it’s just as well we stayed close to home. On Friday, before the seizure clusterf*ck happened, we went to line dancing at Main Street which was a lot of fun. We brought Elka who was the star of the show. She wore her dog park vest which had her name on it and everyone asked if she was a working dog and I had to explain, no she’s a family dog, and Elka basked in the extra attention and occasional dropped hot dog.

The only other plan we had at the beginning of the weekend was to have dinner with our friends Tom and Noah and we decided to bring a festive cake:

I did manage to go for a run on Sunday – I love being in the woods and being where no one else really is.

It was muddy and damp – I scooted at least three turtles off the trail during my run. The trails are mountain biking trails and I get worried that there might be a bike/turtle mishap which would be bad for everyone.

On Sunday, we had an impromptu visit from Bob and Katherine and their new puppies Whimsy (white) and Bunter (brown). Elka was very excited and kind of nervous. Whimsy clearly wants to be alpha and so there was a bit of growling and Elka who is very nice, but submissive was like – really – I have to be beta to this 15 pound puppy?

They are cuties – but a lot of work.

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