Pediatrician and bicycles.

We took Edda to the pediatrician yesterday and I got what I wanted – though I was prepared to not get what I wanted. I got an order for a urinalysis and a script for amoxicillin. We are trying to get a urine sample from the Edda-mame, but no luck so far. We can’t start the antibiotics until we get the urine sample, otherwise we’ll be killing the little buggers if they are there. We are kind of kicking ourselves because I think the seizures were caused by her constipation and she had an enormous bowel movement on Monday afternoon and no seizures after that. We should have given her an enema on Saturday. Oh well. Live and learn – we are tucking it away in our standard operating procedure from now on.

Jeremy is slowly doing major surgery on his bicycles for an upcoming cross country trip (not on the bike, he’s not biking 3000 miles), it’s flying in luggage to California. He’s super delighted to be doing this. We talk about bikes a lot. Like a lot.

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