OMG, my face hurts.

Hello loves, I’ve been dealing with a insect bite that happened a few days ago on my the side of my face next to my ear. I was also mowing the lawn yesterday and discovered that bumblebees had settled into an eave of the house and I was trying to deal with that by taping over the hole with cardboard and I may or may not have been restung in the exact same place? I kind of can’t decide because today it got so exponentially worse, I thought my ear was going to swell shut.

Jeremy and I got into a slight argument over said bees because I was hot, sweaty and itchy and upset about the bees living in my house that when Jeremy got off a long west-coast call at 8 pm and found me outside winding the up cord for the lawn mower and putting it away, I snapped at him and wanted him to call the exterminator to take care of the bees, which resulted in the grumps from both of us. And also because I had sealed off the opening to the hive with cardboard, I could see a handful of angry bees buzzing around their previously opened front door while I was super grumpy. But at some point before it got too far, we decided to be nice to each other and we were for the rest of the night.

And I did call our very nice exterminator who had helped us with our mouse infestation in the attic a while ago by pointed out the little mouse trails in our insulation and then poisoned them. On the phone, I was like – I have bees in the house, can you help me? And he said – do you have bumblebees, honey bees, wasps or yellowjackets? And I was like….I have….bees…that fly around and buzz and are scary. And he came over in 15 minutes and took care of my bee problem. Talk about prompt service! I was honestly abuzz with gratefulness. (Honestly, I get upset two ways, I get upset because there are bees in the house. And I get upset that I have to kill them with pesticides that are no good for anyone, including the person doing the application.) And then because I was about to fall over from my swollen ear (I had been icing it the 2nd half of the morning), Jeremy kindly went to the store and got me some Benadryl and I took that and an advil and my ear felt better, but then I crashed and fell asleep for 4 hours in the afternoon which is what I do when I take Benadryl.

Jeremy went to work yesterday for an 8 am coffee date and was home by 10 am. He rode his bike to the train station for the first time since the pandemic. He showed me all his upgrades to his bike – mainly the lights that are now detachable and USB rechargeable.

My droopy peonies which are beautiful, but droopy. I did better this year, but next year, I can do better, I’m sure. I have an idea.

I went on my Wed pokemon walk with Elka. Six-seven pm is a gorgeous time to be outside.

Jeremy is repairing Seni’s bike and having a good time doing it.

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