Smoking jacket and naps in the sun.

I’m still experimenting with clothes – I told you that I was renting outfits? Well, this is one of them. It’s like a smoking jacket so all day I was asking for cigars. Where is my cigar? I’m having a good time trying out things and I am capable of wearing dresses everyday. And I hate non-natural fibers. Basically, I hate plastic clothes and this is one of them. They still make very expensive clothes out of polyester and apparently no amount of tailoring and/or styling will make me like them. I was outside tending to my drooping peonies and Jeremy was amused to find me in my smoking jacket and crocs.

The peonies – I did tie up with string this year, so they are, for sure, off the ground after rain, but just barely. I forgot how tall they actually get – they are pretty much up to my boobs in height and I tied them at about thigh height. So next year, maybe I’ll need tomato cages? Or tie them higher. They are so beautiful and gorgeous, I’m still trying to figure it out.

Elka is terrible to walk when it’s sunny and hot outside. This is all she wants to do – I think this was the forth time in a 15 minute walk. And then I’m stuck. I try coaxing her to go home, to get up. And she ignores me and proceeds to almost fall asleep in the sun.

2 thoughts on “Smoking jacket and naps in the sun.”

  1. best lookin’ gardener around! What is the cost for your clothing rental? Rent the runway? I’ve been considering it.

  2. Yes to all of this!! Finding dresses in natural fibers is hard (have you looked at Mata Traders?). And yes to a dog who just stops walking when it’s hot outside! She just goes on strike and refuses to move.

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