Poison Ivy and air fryer.

I’m feeling poorly today. I don’t know what it is, but this is the season of itchy-ness. First I got a tick bite and that was weeks and weeks of intense itching (which pretty much confirms that I’ve never been bitten by a tick before because, man, I would totally notice) and still kind of itches on my belly. Then I got like a bug bite on the right side of my face (I think twice, once maybe by a bee) last week that almost swelled my ear shut and now, I have poison ivy on my nose tip and on the same side of my face as the previous bug bite. This is what it looked like yesterday and I don’t even want to show you what it looks like today because it’s super weepy and my eye is swollen and I’d like nothing better than to stay in bed a lot of the day, but I’m actually on for a guitar lesson (which I don’t want to miss) and a couple hours of volunteering at Main Street. But kind of relaxing things – like I’m not performing or anything, but I’m just feeling run down and not great. I should probably get some steroids, but I don’t want to and also, I like to suffer.

As a side note, the plumber is here today and is ripping out the main to the house to replace the leaky son-of-a-bitch and therefore, the water is not working now and I need to use the bathroom. And I want to be able to flush and I can not.

Jeremy, in an act of true love, not only bought me an air fryer as a gift, but also CLEARED countertop space for me. Again, true love. It’s my quest to make healthy, low carb, high protein, high veggie lunches quickly. I’ve been surprising myself, cooking doesn’t have to be a whole thing. It can be much easier than going out. (Though I have to say, I don’t do any cleaning…Jeremy cleans for me). For a long time, I’ve been making egg based lunches – usually scrambled with cheese and an english muffin. Then I moved to boiled eggs and no cheese (I basically stopped eating cheese in the house) with microwaved frozen veggies and canned beans. Now I want to move to a piece of chicken and/or fish with the veggies and I want to do it fast.

Of course, we first made tater tots in the air fryer and they were AMAZING. And for sure, not on the list of “healthy things”. And I know it would be amazing for chicken nuggets or chicken patties. But the next day, I tried tilapia filets and they came out overdone and looking like this:


Jeremy is going to spend the weekend working on his bike in the living room. He spent a lot of money on bike parts and is switching stuff around and upgrading everything. He’s watching a lot of youtube videos.

One thought on “Poison Ivy and air fryer.”

  1. Oh sweetie, you gotta go get the steroids. Life is simply too short to suffer. Plus, why would you want to suffer? There’s plenty of people in the world who are doing so already. You’re no good to anyone if you’re feeling like caca. Go to the doctor get that dealt with Doris. That eye does not look good today either sweetie. You’re not gonna help Jeremy or Edda if you don’t take care of yourself first. I hope you feel better soon. I hate poison ivy/oak.

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