So I’m starting to get back to my routine. Went to Chinese class today with Mr. Hong and then went to yoga with my Japanese friends. I really didn’t want to go since Vince is still not over his jet lag and we got up at 3 am. I was really anxious about today’s announcement at AMD, so part of my routine was to distract me from waiting. At yoga, a student I never saw before came in all disheveled and distracted. I didn’t think anything of it, but in the middle of class, she broke down in tears and pretty soon, the whole class was listening to her tale of sorrow. The teacher explained that she was suffering from depression for many, many years and that each day was filled with tears and anguish. Vince and I spent the rest of the day trying not to sleep to nip the last of the let lag.

Still jet lagged. Bleh. Did nothing today except mail a bunch of thank-you cards to the US. Vince had a tough time going down for a nap today. So many things are happening now, tomorrow is the *big* meeting with the AMD high ups, presumably by this time tomorrow, we’ll know where we’ll be going soon.

Flew to Austin on Saturday, the roughest flight so far, Vince was awake and active the whole time making it a struggle to keep in his seat. But I’m surprised that everyone is so nice and understanding. I was afraid of the horror travel stories, but nothing like that happened. Sat, we came and saw the Strickers and Emy late at night and went back to our house to sleep. On Sunday, we had brunch with Christine and Josh who talked about Boston and how they might have to move to Pasadena. We picked up Ruby from Veroniques, the horses are amazing and Ruby is so fit. She’s been sleeping a lot at home, I think enjoying the warm suburban house and calmer pace. Last night we had dinner with Emy, her friend Chris, and two friends of Jeremy’s parents who just moved from NYC. Two cellists with a 6 month old baby Bailey.

Thanksgiving was fun and lively. Jeremy cooked two 20 pound turkeys and a ham. We had 35 people over. I spent most of my time with the children. It was especially nice to see Jane and George. Marty made a very long and amusing toast. We had so much food leftover, we could have fed another 35 with our leftovers. It’s too bad because all of us are leaving this house very soon. Maybe Donald can eat some of it.

Yesterday we took the train to DC. Donald picked us up from the train station and we talked for the 1.5 hours it took for us to get home through the horrendous DC rush hour traffic. Had a nice homemade meal and slept early and well. For breakfast we went to Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts and now we are planning dinner!

On Sunday, we got up early, early and had a nice family get together at 4 am. We had brunch with a bunch of people affiliated with IBM and IEEE and went on a tour of the new performing arts center designed by Gehery. Today Jeremy went to Princeton, we went to Toys R Us and bought a boat and tonight had dinner with Satia who works at IBM.