What a Christmas. We drove over to the Martins on Wed morning and just got back Friday night. On Wed, while I walked the doggies over to Blythwood, Jeremy, Ben and Emily went shopping for a ham and Xmas goodies. We had tacos for dinner on Christmas Eve. On Christmas day, we ate stollen for breakfast and had a Christmas gift orgy where everyone got oddles of stuff. Jeremy was especially pleased with his gaiters and gloves and I love my Palm Pilot case from Ben. Vince got loads of stuff, including these great blocks from Gene and Bette. His tricycle was defective, so hopefully we can get that replaced. Then after that, we took a nap in the car and then the Rozman’s came over and we had ham, mac and cheese for dinner. Today, we packed, Bob and Katherine for their trip to China, us for our trip to DC. Jeremy and I went on a date to the Black Swan. Yummy!

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