Wow, I can’t believe that Christmas vacation is OVER. We drove to DC on Saturday evening with Ruby and Vince and made it to mom and dad’s house by midnight. Vince woke up and spent some time playing with their stuff and eating noodles. The next day, we saw Emily and Dan and went to their house in Cheverly and went to the Museum of Natural History and Vince ran through the exhibits. Had dinner at a Tapas Bar inChinatown of all places. On Monday, we went swimming in the afternoon and went to the zoo with my parents. The day was beautiful and the zoo was wonderful. Then one Tuesday, we went to Christine and Seth’s place for pizza and cheesecake. The kids had a great time and ran around for hours. On Wed, new years eve, we went shopping for all the people in Philly, went swimming (Vince LOVES swimming) and then had hot pot for dinner and we talked about Taiwan and China a lot. In Philly, we stayed with Tina and Caleb for two nights. We saw Gargi and Nirangin for 6 hours, saw Amy Freese for a few hours where I got all inspired about doing indoor exercising and also saw Tim and his girlfriend of one year, Aisha. Ruby also behaved herself amazingly well with all the doggies she met and also Vince had a good time. We got home last night and Ben and Emy came by for dinner, today we hung out a Bard. Ben is going back to NYC tomorrow. The rents sold 4 Duke St for their full asking price last night. Whew. Unbelievable!

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