Back at home.

We are back at home. I love going to Bard, but it’s all very exhausting. Vince is wired the whole time we are there, even if we aren’t doing anything too exciting. So after three days there, we came home and he was in tears and sooo tired. Finally, he’s napping now and hopefully will be in a good mood when he wakes up.

On Friday, I got there at 5 pm and met Bob in his office and we went home and had a pizza dinner. Bob spent many, many hours reading books out loud to Vince.

On Saturday, our most exciting day, I went to Poet’s walk with Edda and then we all went to the Red Hook Playground for a picnic. Then we went to the Bard nursery school’s year end party and hung out there for 2 hours eating cake.

Yesterday, we painted on the sidewalk.

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