Trip to Las Vegas

We went to Las Vegas to see friends. We took a Walk at a new casino and did not play any. We talked a lots from Taiwan, china to USA.

Most is that our friend has lots of information commited when he was working at Ford. He started to collect all valuable information to write a book. This time he made of mine to start to do it. We promise him to help.

We had snow and icing road when we came back in CO. It took us extra 2hr to get back. Our car skipped once. Luckily no car nearby. And we have heavy car too.

Driving test.

I passed! I passed! You have to score 90% or better on the exam to pass and I spent all day yesterday trying to memorize what all these weird painted lines in different colors mean. It is a trial to figure out all the signs since I take only subways, buses or taxis here. I’m never paying attention to the road. I had the morning off from taking care of the kids which is a nice thing. Jeremy has Tuesday and Thursday off this week so we are hanging out.

One sock!

I finished a sock! I finished a sock! And it turned out really well. Well, mostly really well, a few issues with tension going from one needle to another, but I’m quite pleased. I read online about how to improve that when I was practically done, so I’ll incorporate it into the next sock. I’m a little freaked out about how much yarn is left for the next sock. I’m the type of person who fills the gas tank waaayyy before the light turns on “just in case”. So I’m freaked out that I might not have enough to finish, but I’m sure it’s not true.

Bored of the Web…

Well.. It’s offical. I’m bored of srufing the web. All I do is surf the same websites over and over again, waiting for them to change. It’s pretty sad. I go to work, and surf. I come home and surf. I really ought to find a better pastime.

I played some tennis tonight with Shwe and Rich. I guess I’m back on the tennis bandwagon. But I’m out of shape as we kept on rotating, but everytime it came around for my time to play singles I felt like I was winded the whole time. I guess I’m not used to it. I like my new racquets, but they are definitely have a little too much power in the strings. I think I’ll have to get them restrung at a higher tension sometime. Apparently Rich knows of a place that charges $5 for both the strings and the stringing! pretty amazing.

I can’t quite sleep since, I took a 4 hour nap this afternoon. so maybe i’ll just stay up and comtemplate the universe.

back to fasting

Well, Hasnain’s wife reconvinced me to start fasting again. It’s a lot easier with the time change, so now sunset is around 5:11. whee!

Last night we went to P’ng and Judy’s and saw their new house in Alameda. As it always seems, we end up talking about mortgages, interest rates, and interior decoration. laff. P’ng is going to redo his kitchen. I have to say that I had the winning design. woo hoo!

okay. I’m talking on Skype with Jeremy arranging a flight to singapore.

Earless Peter Rabbit

This is Edda’s beloved Peter Rabbit stuffed animal. Her uncle Ben bought this in England for Vincent when he was a baby, but Vince didn’t like it at all. Edda fell in love with this rabbit about a year ago. She LOVES this animal more than anything else in the whole world. She crawls around with it in her mouth. It smells moldy and is totally crusty with her saliva, but she doesn’t care. I have to wash it at night so she won’t know that it’s missing. When we were in France at Cindy’s wedding, we actually thought we lost it. He was left at city hall where the wedding took place and noticed it missing two hours later. We backtracked at least 15 miles in the hopes of finding Peter. There was a big party at city hall when we arrived to fetch Peter and the whole area was fenced off, but we spied Peter perched on a park bench, I had to make Jeremy hop the barrier to go get Peter. Whew. But just yesterday, Ruby couldn’t resist the cottage cheese remnants left on Peter’s ear and Edda left Peter in Ruby’s crate so, of course, Ruby couldn’t resist chomping on Peter’s ear. I heard the choping while I was surfing the web and I looked and looked for Peter’s ear and concluded that the ear is lost in Ruby’s intestines now. When Edda picks up Peter now, she is pissed. She tries to chomp on the missing ear (her favorite way of holding Peter was in her mouth by his ears) she wails. So I spent some time on the web looking for a replacement Peter. Peter can be ordered from England… 20 dollars for Peter, 50 freaking dollars for shipping! I couldn’t believe it! I finally found Peter on Ebay after looking through a million pictures of stuffed Peter Rabbits (do you know how many versions of Peter Rabbits there are? Sheez!). Anyways the bidding ends tomorrow morning.

Busy, busy day!

Today was hectic and busy. Usually our weekends are unstructured and free form, but not today. In the morning, Jeremy signed himself up for the car share thing. Basically, we join with a membership fee (really reasonable, about 10 dollars a month – so 7 US dollars a month) and then they have these cars all over Singapore that you can click into with a Smart Key, you book over the internet, blah, blah, blah. Anyhow, there is a car park really close to us and they have a Honda Odyssey there. We’ll check it out tomorrow. But signing up took all morning. Then in the afternoon, Vince had his cello lesson and swim lesson back to back. It was a little too much for him. He’s been excited all week about it and this finally wore him out. He was a little whiny at the swim lesson. I didn’t actually go to either the cello or the swim lesson because I was busy preparing to go to Kate’s baby shower.

We had Kate’s baby shower at the Raffles Hotel in the Tiffin Room and we had high tea. It was really nice. There was Kate and Kate’s friend from her pregant-lady yoga class. There was Joanna from Chartered and Julia and me. I was kind of nervous about the baby shower because I was kind of the host since I did the inviting even though it was Julia’s idea. You know, I’m nervous that we won’t get along, or the food will be bad, or we won’t have anything to talk about or that the pregnant ladies will go into labor. But, of course, none of those things happened. We had a really nice time and we were the last ones to leave the tea room. They actually told us that they had to prepare the room for dinner and we looked around, and there were only empty tables surrounding us. Kate seemed radiant and calm and happy.

Lazy Friday.

Pretty lazy friday. Tonight I’m supposed to go out to dessert with Arif/Tahera and Choon/Pei-Sun. Ah the invasion of the married folk. laff. I don’t really mind. Choon jokes on me that I get grief if i hang out with them on friday night for being single and that I get grief if I don’t hang out with them on friday night. The implication being that I have a “Hot Date”. Whatever.

Tomorrow is bike shop and afterwards, a dinner party with YAMF (Yet Another Married Folks). aka P’ng and Judy’s new house in Alameda. My cheesecake is almost complete. I just need to go to the store to grab some cornstarch to thicken up my strawberry sauce…