Ready for vacation

We put most our stuff into a storage place. My computer was packed into the original boxes. This computer traveled with me a lot. From Huntsville to Richland, from Richland to Denver. It will go to Maryland and SC. Eventually, this one will end at Washougal home.

I am not use to dad’s laptop. He will bring his laptop with him on the trip. However, I have my cell phone with me all the time.

We are leaving from Denver on Friday 12/15 to LA. Leaving from LA to Hawaii on 12/16. Cruise Hawaii islands for week and be back to LA on 12/24. On 12/28, from LA to Ft Lauderdale. ON 1/3 from Ft Lauderdale to LA and from LA to Portland. We will drive from Portland to Vancouver. Be back to Portland on 1/9 and back to Denver on evening, 1/9.

2 thoughts on “Ready for vacation”

  1. We have learned a lot of things about gypsy life:

    1) you can transfer your mails to whereever you wish using free Postal Service’s change address and delivery request forms.

    2) Car insurance can take advantage of the storage rate. When leaving your car behind and without driving it further, you can tell them the mileage, then the car will be on a storage rate about 1/3 of the regular rates. Everytime, you want to use the car, just call them. After using it, you can call them back and put the car to the storage rate again.

    3) You can ship UPS by using their storage facilities. If you would like to move to a place but without specific address. You can ask them to ship using your destination zip code. When you have specific address, you can call them and they complete the delivery. The storage rate is fairly resonable, $5 each week.

    4) You can fill your description any pharmacy at any place. They will automatically talking to each other filling place and them filled.

    Well, all these make gypsy life a little bit easier.

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