Crying at parties.

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Tonight, we all went to a Chinese New Year Party and I ended up crying on the floor in the middle of the party. I kind of knew it was going to happen sooner or later, but I didn’t figure it was going to be tonight.

The host and hostess were very sweet, but I hadn’t told them about Edda before I went to the party. Now it’s pretty clear that Edda is an odd duck now that she’s almost 2, so there is no hiding the fact that she has some “issues” she has to – you know – “work out”. So I told the hostess about Edda and the whole party (at least from my perspective) became a test for Edda’s abilities or lack of abilites. Bells ringing behind her head to see if she’ll turn around, asking Edda “where’s your mama?” to see if she’ll point, suggestions about using walkers or how to say words clearly to her, people asking Vince, “Do you play with your sister?”. THIS WENT ON FOR OVER AN HOUR. And it was all in Chinese so Jeremy couldn’t rescue me at all. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore and sat down in the middle of the living room and cried. Then the hostess said that I drive away potential friends because I cry every time I talk about Edda. Gosh, so reassuring. Jeremy scooted me out of the party, Vince didn’t even complain about leaving even though he was in the middle of watching Sponge Bob Square Pants. I’m hoping not to do this at every single party I go to for the rest of my life.

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  1. 🙁

    Sorry… Obviously, they mean well I’m sure, but they don’t know what you’re going thru. maybe it might be helpful to join a support group of parents with autistic kids. Maybe they can give you some help on how to deal with situations like this?

  2. Sorry, but don’t be sensitive either. People may not know how to response properly. Keep working on Edda as hard as you can and see what will happen. Don’t take other’s input too much.

  3. this is mom, I think donald and daddy are right. Bring Edda to a party is a good way to keep her in the group to learn. I am still think Edda just bit bihind. All my frineds say keeping talk to her and teaching her. to much protection may not be a good ideal.

    When I was sick, daddy wanted to keep everything secret, it add more pressure for everyone. Open up is a good way to face the fact and dealing with the problem. I am sure every one has a good intenstion and try to help. Do not isolate yourself and Edda. It is nobody,s falt. In order to help Edda, you have to be strong and face the fact.

    Every one and every family has some difficulties along the way. Try to dealing the promblem do not make more. I understood it is not easy time. But I still has the faith–Edda is just be bit late. Spent more time with Edda and talk to her. Please do not waste time on other trival stuff. Hope this sis not make you irrotated.

  4. Doris- I am so proud of you. I’ve always wanted to do that! I used to watch little kids cry and throw themselves on the floor and it looked so perfect for some reason. The party sounded really intense. I would have sat down in the middle of the floor and cried too. Seems perfectly reasonable. It’s only been a few weeks since your suspicions about Edda were confirmed. This whole situation is still new and pretty raw. It is healthy and absolutely normal. If I would have been there I would have joined in with you. BTW – the pix of Jeremy eating the burger racked us up. The pix of you is great. You look so good!! Hot mama for sure. The pix of Edda and Vince is enchanting. They look like angels. Perfect little sleeping angels.

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