Knitting the second sock.

Well, promptly after I finished knitting my first sock ever, I was hit with the dreaded second sock disease which prevented me from picking up those DPNs and starting the 2nd sock. Actually the second sock disease was caused by a bum thumb which in turn was caused by another debilitating disease that I have called “internet addiction“. Jeremy had just purchased me a brand new laptop and the way I hook my thumb around the case as I scour for new and interesting web sites for hours while neglecting to feed my children made my thumb all weak in the knees.

Anyways, my thumb is better now and I’m working away on my 2nd sock and I’m slowly realizing that the first sock that I’ve been so proud of these (two) months has been knitted incorrectly! Should I take apart the first sock or should I just let bygones be bygones and get on with my life?

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