Hello? Secret Pal? Are you there?

Hi Secret Pal,
Sorry the blog has been such a bummer, the exchange caught our family at a bad time. But I’m still knitting! Really, I am.. Here’s a post all about knitting…

I’m almost done with the scarf that I’m knitting.


So I’m moving onto a new project!


Isn’t this a beautiful thing? It’s my first hank of yarn. I hesitated before attempting to unwind it into a ball, and for good reason…


What a mess.

3 thoughts on “Hello? Secret Pal? Are you there?”

  1. What a wonderful yarn – woooooooow – and what are you knitting from? Red is my favourite colour :-).

    I red about the sad news in your family; I’m also a mother and I can understand there are so many thoughts about your little daughter.

    I’ve sent a litte package to you ba Air-mail. If it recives you, please give me a notice.

    Greets to you and your familiy

    Your Sectet Pal

  2. Oh God no, I didn’t make the yarn. I just unwound the hank into a ball. You can’t knit from that twisty thing. My secret pal last time gave it to me. It’s so funny, because the place that makes this yarn is about 5 miles from Katherine and Bob’s house. I drove past it a million times.

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