Therapy Appointment today

We went to the therapy place today. It was much better this time than last time, even though Edda did sleep through about 20 minutes of it. Ok, here is our assignment:

  • Get a mirror, put shaving cream on the mirror and encourage her to play with that.
  • Make faces with her in the mirror.
  • Get beans, dried pasta, sand and have her play with that. Hide things in the beans and have her find them.
  • Get some soft balls, put them in a bin, take them out of a bin.
  • For communication, make a picture book of things that she needs, food items, toys she likes. Before you get the item, open the book and point to the picture.
  • To stimulate her nerves, “brush” her arms, hands, legs, feet and back with a soft brush every 2 hours.
  • Also after the brushing, do joint stimulation.

We also got some sign language videos. We’ll see how it goes.

4 thoughts on “Therapy Appointment today”

  1. Keep it up. I am sure it helps a lot. I am still think Edda will be ok.

    Make sure follow the instructions faithfully.

    Our party is very good. They all are very open and cheerfull. We had lots of jokes and evry one had good time.

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