Suck Out City….


Poker night was tonight. We all started out with 3k of chips. I lost a a pretty large hand on a pair of Jacks to someone with a pair of Kings and was feeling pretty nervous. My preformance recently hasn’t been exactly stellar. I won a small pot and had around 1800. I get an A-10 and the flop comes down A-x-x. Great! I bet about half my stack at the moment which is around 700 and a nothing card comes down on the river. I’m up only against Ky, so I decide to go all-in on my pair of A’s. Ky calls me and turns over A-7. Now I’m feeling pretty good at this point with 1 card to come. He needs a 7 to win the pot and a 3:44 odds of it happening. Of course, he lands the 7 and busts me from the table. I’m the first one out.

After we’re done with the first round. Everyone stuck around and decided to play another round. just a little faster and for 5 bucks this time. I got burned early again with an AK suited vs a pair of Kings. I’m down to about 1k in chips. The blinds whittle me away and I’ve got about 600 left, and the blinds are marching up fast to 50-100. So basically I’ve got to pick my cards and move all-in at some point. I get a K-J and figure it’s my time, so I go all-in. Everyone folds, except Ky, who’s got a huge stack, and calls me on a pair of sevens. Great. I make a comment about how they’ve been bad luck for me tonight. I get my King on the turn, which puts me at 44:2 odds to win the pot, and I’m feeling pretty good at the moment. Of course, the river deals me a 7 and I get busted once again, by Ky, all-in, leading by a good amount, and actually busted by the exact same card – the Seven of Diamonds – twice in one night.

a 1:322 percent chance of happening. I was leading in both hands. omg. I feel so robbed.

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