Happy happy, joy joy!

On Wed, Edda had screamed so much at school, that they had to take her outside to calm her down. She seemed OK at the playground, and on the cab ride home with Rukia, she was so happy, I feared that she would hate school forever.

Thursday, Rukia took her to school while we had Vince’s birthday party, and the two of them came back home with a glowing report! Edda took a nap in the cab over and slept for an additional 15 minutes in class and then she woke up and had a great time. But get this – what gives me the most pleasure from that day, on the 4th anniversary of me becoming a mother was that Rukia stayed in class with Edda and observed for the whole 1.5 hours and was really amazed with the kids and the aides and teachers and the music therapy.. so much so that she’s considering becoming a special ed teacher. She really loves kids and does have a connection with Edda that I don’t see very often and it would just be great – it’s actually just great that she’s thinking about it.

On Friday, I went to school with her and again, she napped for 10 minute and when I walked into class at 11 am, I saw her sitting in a chair and learning sign language and smiling and having a good time. It’s going to be great – I think.

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